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Where to eat

One of the pleasures of life is, without doubt, the food and this area offers various possibilities to enjoy excellent home cooking and friendly and close a deal.

Local small but cozy, with a warm atmosphere and a menu of Aragonese dishes are the main feature of these establishments. But not the only one. And is that this land offers an unmatched quality raw material, which after processing craft, is the basis of many of these dishes.

What better way to reponernos of our morning walk with a plate of vegetable or organic pasta with extra virgin olive oil Empeltre variety. And continue with a roast lamb, accompanied by a glass of good red wine, to prepare our palate with each sip, to enjoy the next bite. What about dessert? We honey, cheese, almonds, delicious apple and pear in the center of the region ... with quality ingredients that make delicious recipes.

But if we wish to tapas or a sandwich, we can do it in the numerous bars in the area. And enjoy their different environments, always a very affordable price.

Restaurante Nuestra Señora del Pueyo

Next to the gas station Belchite and near the old town of Belchite, this restaurant is one of the ...

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