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Campo de Belchite has a network of exhibition rooms and premises designed to show visitors part of their history.  These exhibition rooms are distributed throughout the different municipalities that comprise this region.

In terms of themes, there are a large number of exhibition rooms that house tangible and documentary collections that tell us about lifestyles in days gone by. These ethnographic rooms aim to take us on a journey through the daily living aspects of the most recent past of these villages, of the traditions of its peoples and their ways of life.

Another of the motifs of these spaces are the illustrious characters of Campo de Belchite. Their lives and their works or adventures have been incorporated into spaces laden with gratitude to them by the residents who share a common origin.

Together with the above, archaeological sites and natural scenarios such as the steppe are the main features are some of the exhibition rooms.


Located in the Farm School of Belchite, it shows the ways of life and traditional agricultural ...


Engraving Antonio Sauras

The Printmaking Workshop Fuendetodos is open to all kinds of related graphic work, from training in ...

Más acerca de Engraving Antonio Sauras

Espacio Antonio Fortún

The Espacio Antonio Fortun was opened in 2002 to house and display the work that the painter, a ...

Más acerca de Espacio Antonio Fortún

Fuendeverde environmental space

The Fuendeverde nature space occupies a refurbished building in an old farm built on the ruins of ...

Más acerca de Fuendeverde environmental space


Built at the beginning of the 18th century, this house used to belong to Miguel Lucientes, the ...


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